Yesterday I was a speaker on a panel at SXSW! And I got to show the HAUNTERS trailer. It was a packed crowd and the audience laughed and cheered! It was awesome!

Our panel was called #BreakingThe4thWall -  I talked about the rise in popularity of horror attractions from interactive horror experiences to "full contact" extreme haunts. 

On the panel with me were Marc Goodchild CEO of Sync Screen and Julian McCrea CEO of Portal Entertainment.

Julian creates thrillers the iPad that actually interacts with your face. Depending on  facial expressions and reactiobs to the story, the thriller will either become more or less intense to properly scare the crap out of you!

After the talk I had meetings with reps from film festivals, managers, agents and other documentary directors who are really excited about HAUNTERS The Movie and have been giving me great feedback, advice and some amazing opportunities.

From Kickstarter to SXSW, this journey continues to amaze me.  

Thank you all for your support,

Jon Schnitzer

HAUNTERS The Movie, Director / Producer

Our panel @ SXSW was Awesome!