HAUNTERS, a documentary about the visionaries who sacrifice everything to create the most infamous horror attractions for Halloween.  

HAUNTERS explores:
- Why haunted houses have evolved into interactive horror experiences.
- Extreme haunts that are more about survival than entertainment.
- The people who will stop at nothing to shut haunts down.
- The psychology of scaring people.

- The future of horror attractions.

- And the rise of Halloween and horror attractions into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Currently there are more horror attractions than ever before in American history.  From DELUSION, the interactive haunted house play where you're immeresed in a "chose your own adventure" style theatrical experience, to the biggest theme park haunts (Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights and Knott's Scary Farm), to extreme haunt experiences like BLACKOUT which became known for having naked people waterboard you, to Russ, a man who spends his entire life savings and every free minute creating the most extreme haunt of all time - in his own backyard!

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