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John Murdy [Creative Director of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Hollywood] had a LOT to say about HAUNTERS after the LA premiere at Beyond Fest. We were honored he joined us to celebrate at the historic Egyptian Theater - and that he called HAUNTERS "the definitive movie about the haunt industry."

"You will not be able to look away. This doc will get your heart racing and scare the hell out of you...9 out of 10!" - FILM THREAT [full HAUNTERS review w/ Bradley Gibson]
"...genuinely petrifying and surprisingly intelligent..." - BLOODY DISGUSTING [full HAUNTERS review w/ Kalyn Corrigan]
"HAUNTERS is an absolute blast...switches gear from being hilarous to being a tearjerker...inspiring and audacious. Trust us you don’t want to miss this one..." - iHORROR [full HAUNTERS review w/ Trey Hilburn III]
"...left me in awe and completely unsettled..." - AINT IT COOL NEWS [full HAUNTERS review with Annette Kellerman]
"Vividly stunning...a roller coaster of emotions, prepare for a unique experience that will teach you more about haunts than you thought could be possible." - MODERN HORRORS [full HAUNTERS review w/ Meagan Navarro]
"Your heart will pound in terror and empathy during this horror-rich yet humane doc." - PAJIBA [full HAUNTERS review w/ Kristy Puchko]
"...an intoxicating study of our relationship with fear; how we react to this most powerful emotion and why we sometimes secretly crave it. HAUNTERS is a whole lot more than just a haunted house documentary, and it’s downright powerful." - JOBLO Arrow In The Head [full HAUNTERS review w/ Eric Walkulski]
"...a fast paced, popcorn munching, heart punching documentary..." - DAILY GRINDHOUSE [full HAUNTERS review w/ Nathan Smith]
"...the top tier of horror documentaries..." - BACK TO THE MOVIES [full HAUNTERS review w/ Sean Evans]
"...humor, heart and horror.." - HAUNTING [full HAUNTERS review w/ Taylor Winters]
"This documentary is simply mesmerizing, terrifying, heartfelt, and surprisingly hilarious." - KevWatchedAFilm.com (full HAUNTERS review w/ Kevin Levine)
"... a great view into this world and the people that find fun and fulfillment  scaring the bejesus out of others." - FORCES OF GEEK [full HAUNTERS review w/ Mike Hodge]
  "...a compelling film that showcases the positive effects while not shying away from the more disturbing elements..." - SCREEN ANARCHY [full HAUNTERS review w/ Peter Martin] 
"...hugely informative and surprisingly moving documentary, a must-watch... you're really going to want to visit a haunt immediately after it's done." - WICKED HORROR [full HAUNTERS review w/ Joey Keogh]
"...one of the best documentaries ever..." - ONE OF US [full HAUNTERS review w/ Chris Cox]
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