HAUNTERS The Movie - Early Reviews

We test-screened the first 30-minutes of HAUNTERS at ScareLA in August.  The room was packed and it couldn't have gone better.  A big thank you to everyone who attended and filled out comment cards, we really appreciate all your feedback to make HAUNTERS the best it can be.  It was also great to see so many of our Kickstarter backers there and hear how happy everyone is with the progress so far.  

We couldn't be happier with the early reviews for HAUNTERS:

"Effortlessly gets into the mindsets of the haunters and monsters, discovering why and how they scare us - and why we love it." - Juliet Bennett Rylah, Associate Editor @ LAist  

"Equal parts thoughtfully informative and shockingly entertaining, Schnitzer offers us a new perspective on the art of the scare." - Dread Central  

"The Haunt industry finally has it's most definitive documentary!  HAUNTERS is an all-access pass into the lives of the masterminds behind the most innovative and terrifying haunts in America."  - Sinful Celluloid

"This documentary is full of fantastic footage, in-depth rare interviews and history about haunted attractions from traditional to interactive and extreme.  It is a gift to any fan of haunted attractions." - Jeff DePaoli, Contributor @ Outside the Magic