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John Murdy [Creative Director of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Hollywood] had a LOT to say about HAUNTERS after the LA premiere at Beyond Fest. We were honored he joined us to celebrate at the historic Egyptian Theater - and that he called HAUNTERS "the definitive movie about the haunt industry."

"...Amazing and fascinating..." - SHOCK WAVES PODCAST [hear full HAUNTERS review w/ Rob Galluzzo]
"Filled with fun and fright... for all horror fans and lovers of Halloween that even their dispirited spouses can enjoy." - HorrorNews.Net [full HAUNTERS review w/ Marisa Mirabal]
 "...the perfect film for those of us who want Halloween to last all year long." - KPBS            [full HAUNTERS review w/ Beth Accomando]
"You will not be able to look away. This doc will get your heart racing and scare the hell out of you...9 out of 10!" - FILM THREAT [full HAUNTERS review w/ Bradley Gibson]
"...genuinely petrifying and surprisingly intelligent..." - BLOODY DISGUSTING [full HAUNTERS review w/ Kalyn Corrigan]
"HAUNTERS is an absolute blast...switches gear from being hilarous to being a tearjerker...inspiring and audacious. Trust us you don’t want to miss this one..." - iHORROR [full HAUNTERS review w/ Trey Hilburn III]
"...left me in awe and completely unsettled..." - AINT IT COOL NEWS [full HAUNTERS review with Annette Kellerman]
"Vividly stunning...a roller coaster of emotions, prepare for a unique experience that will teach you more about haunts than you thought could be possible." - MODERN HORRORS [full HAUNTERS review w/ Meagan Navarro]
"Your heart will pound in terror and empathy during this horror-rich yet humane doc." - PAJIBA [full HAUNTERS review w/ Kristy Puchko]
"...an intoxicating study of our relationship with fear; how we react to this most powerful emotion and why we sometimes secretly crave it. HAUNTERS is a whole lot more than just a haunted house documentary, and it’s downright powerful." - JOBLO Arrow In The Head [full HAUNTERS review w/ Eric Walkulski]
"...a fast paced, popcorn munching, heart punching documentary..." - DAILY GRINDHOUSE [full HAUNTERS review w/ Nathan Smith]
"...the top tier of horror documentaries..." - BACK TO THE MOVIES [full HAUNTERS review w/ Sean Evans]
"...humor, heart and horror.." - HAUNTING [full HAUNTERS review w/ Taylor Winters]
"This documentary is simply mesmerizing, terrifying, heartfelt, and surprisingly hilarious." - KevWatchedAFilm.com (full HAUNTERS review w/ Kevin Levine)
"... a great view into this world and the people that find fun and fulfillment  scaring the bejesus out of others." - FORCES OF GEEK [full HAUNTERS review w/ Mike Hodge]
  "...a compelling film that showcases the positive effects while not shying away from the more disturbing elements..." - SCREEN ANARCHY [full HAUNTERS review w/ Peter Martin] 
"...hugely informative and surprisingly moving documentary, a must-watch... you're really going to want to visit a haunt immediately after it's done." - WICKED HORROR [full HAUNTERS review w/ Joey Keogh]
"This documentary packs a punch..." - HOUSE OF TORTURED SOULS [full HAUNTERS review w/ John Roisland]
"...one of the best documentaries ever..." - ONE OF US [full HAUNTERS review w/ Chris Cox]
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